Terms of Service

Welcome to the Lifehouse Fans website.We provide news, reviews, images, and other information about the band Lifehouse, collectively “Services”. This web page represents the website’s Terms of Service.

Acceptance of the Terms of Service

By browsing and using the website, visitors and readers are agreeing to be bound by and comply with the terms of Services enumerated below. For visitors disagreeing with any part of the agreement, please do not use the website. For questions about this agreement, please contact us.

Changes in Terms of Service

Corrections, improvements, and various changes applied to this agreement, with or without prior notice, may be posted on the website.

Terms of Services

Lifehouse Fans website provides Services subject to the following conditions:

General Conditions

The content of the pages of this website is owned by Lifehouse Fans and is to be used for general information only.Unauthorized use and reproduction may result to damages and/or criminal offence, for which the website shall not be liable. Contents include, but are not limited to, the text, layout, design, appearance, and graphics. In the case that contents with trademarks from other sources are published, proper acknowledgement of the sources is guaranteed.In relation to third-party resources, this website may also include links to and from other websites for the purpose of providing convenience and further information. They do not indicate endorsement of other websites.

Cookies, for use by third parties to monitor browsing preferences, are also used herein. Third parties however, do not provide any warranty as to the suitability,completeness, accuracy, performance, or timeliness of the content offered on this website for any particular purpose. Visitors are urged to acknowledge that such content may contain errors and liability is clearly excluded for any such inaccuracies.


Media and content sent to or posted by visitors and readers on Lifehouse Fans belong to sender or the person who posted them, for which they can only use without restriction. However, it is not obligatory to consider any content as confidential.The sender gives this fan site nonexclusive,free, worldwide license for the publication of said content.


Visitors and readers who resort to verbal or written abuse of any kind to Lifehouse Fans co-members, co-visitors or co-readers, owner or authors, will immediately be blocked and banned.

Limitation of Liability

The use of this website’s Services is at the sole risk of visitors and readers. Services are provided in its present conditions without any warranty, express or legal. Services are not guaranteed to be uninterrupted, secure, free of errors, or timely.Services are also not guaranteed to produce accurate or reliable results. Likewise, quality of services or contents is not guaranteed to meet the expectations of readers and visitors, or that any errors will be corrected.

Most importantly, visitors and readers, by using this site, expressly understand and agree that Lifehouse Fans shall not be liable for any damages that resulted out of the breach of the terms mentioned here.


Previous agreements discussed or signed between visitors and readers of this website and Lifehouse Fans are not applicable if they conflict with the terms mentioned here.

Payment and Fees

Lifehouse Fans does not collect any payments or fees for its Services.

Enforcing Terms of Service

A Terms of Service agreement helps websites set out guidelines and rules that visitors, readers, and users are required to agree to in order for them to use a website and its services. Having this kind of agreement in a website is important, not only for websites, but for software, mobile apps, and social media pages as well.It’s also important to understand that legally, this kind of contract must be enforced.