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Posted by Anonymous on 1/1/2016: This is one of the most welcoming fan websites I have ever joined. The members of this community are friendly and the website staff who update the band events are very accommodating. They even give tips on how to get the best seats and the most affordable tickets for upcoming band concerts.

Posted by Guest on 2/2/2016: Thanks to this fan website, my friends and I are always updated with the latest news about our band crush. I haven’t signed up yet as an official member of the community, but after a friend let me take a peek at the exclusive contents of the site, I got really excited. I’m definitely joining now! I can’t wait to share my love for the band with my fellow fans!

Posted by Anonymous on 3/3/2016: This website has the most genuine fan uploads I have ever seen. The quality of the videos are pretty good even though they were only uploaded independently by my fellow community members. The gossips and the articles always turn out to be very accurate. I love how I get the latest scoop on my favorite band before the media even release any news about them on TV.

Posted by Guest on 3/3/2016: My friend was able to get the best seat and the most discounted tickets for the recent Life House concert in our city last week. It’s all thanks to this website. We enjoyed the show very much and we were able to save some money because my friend was directed by a web admin to a direct ticketing source.

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