This page contains information on how we use and protect the information we gather from our website’s members and visitors.

Information Collection:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII): Every time a netizen creates an account on our website, answer our survey forms, or subscribe to our newsletters, our system stores their personal information into our database. These PII are used to enhance’s services and website features. All the information our users and subscribers provide us are used to personalize web contents, and to verify the security and the validity of the service subscriptions and transactions which are processed by our system.

The PII we store into our database include the user’s name, birth date, residential or work address, postal code, contact number, e-mail address, tax identification number, bank details, social security system number, and other information which may be required from all netizens who fill in our sign up and subscription forms.

  1. Log Data or Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Another type of information we gather from our visitors, subscribers, and site users’ are Non-PII or log data. These log data include the users’ IP address, browser information, gadget operating system, and key word searches. We also collect statistical data such as the number of times users access a page or click on an ad. These non-personally identifiable information help us determine how netizens use our services and which pages on our site they find the most or the least useful. It also helps us protect our users from malwares and risks of identity theft.
  1. Cookies: Upon accessing and signing up for a user account, a file from our website is transferred in to the user’s gadget. These files, also known as cookies, allow our users to automatically access certain pages without having to input their log in information each time they would visit our site. It also helps us track our site traffic by identifying their gadget’s IP address. It allows our system to determine the amount of time our users spend on our website and which features they use the most.

Blocking Options:

Users have the choice to deny our website’s cookies from getting transferred in to their gadgets. They may access their browser options and disable cookies from any website of their choice at any given time. They may also choose to hide their gadget’s location information in order to prevent our website from tracking their address. However, users should be aware that the access they have to certain features and pages in our website will become limited if they opt to disable these tracking tools on their browser settings.

Scope and Limitation on Distribution of Personal Information:

The PII and log data we gathered may be shared to certain parties for the following reasons:

  1. Security Reasons as Required by the Law: A user’s personal information and record of site activities may be turned over to the appropriate agencies for security and legal reasons. If such circumstances arise, may turn over the required personal information without prior notice to the user concerned, depending on the legal or security agency’s request.
  1. Subscription and Transaction Purposes: PII of our service subscribers are stored in our database for identity-validation purposes to assure safe transactions.
  1. Advertising Purposes: Our partners and service providers may use our users’ contact details and log data for advertising purposes. However, we guarantee that none of their PII shall be distributed by our website to any of the mentioned third parties without their consent.

By reading the terms and conditions stated above, you agree that you have understood, and shall abide by’s privacy policy.