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If you are someone who wants to see them perform live, one who is adventurous and on the go, and one who gets the thrill in attending live concerts, you can now calendar in and snag tickets early on with their current show schedules, tour dates around the world, and gig venues accessible in this page. So get ready as they might stage a performance in your state or county. Play albums and singles that are hot off the grill and view the freshest music videos, previews, behind the scenes, rehearsal footage and trailers, zoom in to the elements of how they have come up with the casting, production, design and storyline and integrating the song and fusing everything together to produce a film entirely. Have the opportunity to watch exclusive interviews and conversations, related documentaries, TV broadcast, guesting and appearances too! The good thing? Everything is on repeat. You can put them on and listen to them over and over.

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Channel your inner musician, unleash your skills, strut your stuff like a real band member and check on how they play the records based on the guitar chords and tabs, bass lines, percussion / drum patterns, music sheets and notations and sing-along the lyrics to your favorite songs made free and available in the site. And as a true-blue fanatic, you’ll be able to enumerate their awards and hit singles off the charts.

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