Following The Music of Lifehouse Today and Forever

Multiple platinum records, tons of tour dates, and a fan base that extends across the world, you’re going to find that Lifehouse is one of the most incredible bands to consider today. Whether you’re a fan of the early records or the more mature sound that they are creating, you’ll absolutely want to bookmark this blog for the latest and greatest coming from the band. When you look through the amazing catalog of songs, or capture the mood of their live show, you’re going to find that there’s beauty in the music of this amazing, iconic, band.

Experience The Live Show

Can’t make it to every show? Don’t worry! This blog will have updated pictures, set listings, and so much more for long time fans or new fans alike. The minute that new dates are announced, check out this blog and see where the band is going next. Whether it’s in support of a new record, or it’s just to play some festivals, you’ll absolutely get tabs on what is going on.


When you follow this blog you will not only get dates, you’ll see photographs, video footage, and presale codes to ensure that tickets go to fans that love the band. Even if you can’t make it, there will be updates that will keep you up to date with all things Life house.

User Updates Too

When you come back to this site, you will see updates from real fans just like you. Updated images, videos, comments, and more will give you an insider’s perspective of the massive fan base that has been cultivated over the years. Lifehouse are like family, so you will see a lot of updates that are directly from the family of fans around the world. From live tour updates, to set lists, and more, you’re going to get an insider’s view of the world according to the band’s fans and more. With the rise of social media, getting information from fans directly has never been easier. When you come back often, you will see smiling faces, sings along, and so much more from the rock world of Lifehouse.

Updated Information

Whatever goes on with the band, you’ll get a lot of information going your way. Updated information as soon as it breaks, and even insiders. There’s a lot of different options to consider overall, and will absolutely be amazed with news and views throughout. You will not be surprised ever again, as you’ll know exactly when things break, including new songs, new downloads, and so much more. You’ll hear it straight from the band to you as this is all about getting the most up to date info on Lifehouse and their music. Bookmark the page and come back often to see what develops from one of the most exciting bands in rock music.

What’s Coming Up Next?

What will Lifehouse do next? Stay tuned and see what the band is up to, with updated news, and messages from the band to their fans. We monitor all things Lifehouse so that we can share it with you. Whether there’s a new festival coming through, an exclusive download, or just about anything that comes through the Lifehouse universe, you’ll know what’s next first. If you’re a fan of Lifehouse, you will find that there’s a lot to explore. There’s so many great things coming soon, that you’ll definitely want to come back often and see what’s coming next. Tour dates, announcements, downloads, new records, and much more are coming through. When you stick around, you’ll never miss out on any Lifehouse updates that are available today.