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The Lifehouse Fans website is a leading source of information, entertainment, and inspiration for Lifehouse fans of all ages from all walks of life. It redefine show fans gather information about the band by posting, promoting, and advertising about the band in a new voice, format, and online marketing strategy to a uniquely dedicated fan base.

 Comprehensive Reach

 With a global reach, the fan site aims to engage and connect fans of Lifehouse while participating in the band’s tours, gigs, guesting, album/song launches and other activities. It also aspires to reach fans of related music genres including alternative rock, pop rock, and post-grunge rock. In order to attain this, it guarantees that it has the reach to get messages and advertisements to prospects whether they are simply browsing the Web, conducting band research, gathering band information, following band and music news, sharing and connecting on social networks, or reading e-newsletters in their inbox.

 Audience Profile

 Virtually all of this fan portal’s readers are fans of Lifehouse, alternative rock music, post-grunge rock, and pop rock. Almost all of them have their own blogs or websites. Majority of them spend money online on a regular basis to purchase music items including musical instruments, equipment, rigs, etc.They also purchase various services and materials including web hosting, online services,eBooks, and many more. Aside from fans, visitors also range from music critics, software developers, bloggers, web designers, SEO experts, developers, Internet marketers, photographers, tech gurus, and to graphic artists.

Advertising Options

 Banner ads, dedicated and non dedicated articles and newsletters, reviews, sponsorships, and email blasts are available. Customized packages and discounts for quantity purchases and long-term advertisement campaigns are also available.

Advertisement Policies


All ads are subject to approval. As a publisher, Lifehouse Fans site reserves the right to reject advertisers or cancel advertisements any time.The appearance of said approved ads is not an endorsement by the website.To clearly and prominently identify and separate advertisers, their ads must include their trademark or signature.In addition, all accepted ads are on the guarantee of the advertiser that the ads are authorized to be advertised and published. Moreover, the fan site shall not be liable for the expenses and damages resulting from the advertisement of an ad including, without limitation, violation of privacy, libel, copied content or copyright infringement.


About banner ads, they constantly change and as a result, are randomly delivered throughout the fan site. Advertising inventory constantly changes and therefore, no fixed positioning is guaranteed unless advertiser ordered exclusive sponsorship. However, Lifehouse Fans shall use its efforts to place or offer ad places as soon as there are available spaces.


Lifehouse Fans and its advertisers cannot influence or control the results of ad campaigns. However, advertisers may receive collective data reports about visitor response to their ads, including, but not limited to, the number of views or clicks that an ad  has received or gathered. In order to maximize the effectiveness of ads, third-parties are allowed to collect anonymous information from readers and subscribers.This way, advertisements about goods and services of interest to them are made available. More importantly, advertisers are ensured that their ads will reach their target audience.

Non-Payment and Cancellation

In the event of nonpayment or an advertiser cancels their ads, Lifehouse Fans reserves the right to hold advertiser liable for any payment.

Changes in Policies

The website may change the terms and policies mentioned herein at any time, with or without prior notice.

Rates and Availability

Space is sold out fast! For more information about advertising options, rates and availability, or for further inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Importance of Online Advertising

Online advertising is important for any business. Lifehouse Fans know that if companies or organizations aren’t advertising online, they may not reach a wider consumer base. Advertise here today.