About Us

Welcome to all Lifehouse Music fans out there! While this may still be a speck on the web, it is produced by a group of music enthusiasts with an enormous admiration and high regard for the band. It is a blog made by fanatics for those who have a penchant for easy listening sounds and for those who share the same interests and liking in the type of music and genre of what Lifehouse creates. So if you adore grunge, if you love pop-rock jingles, and if you heed to alternative music, then this site will definitely strike and appeal to you. It is conceptualized, formed and have come into life in mid-2000 with over a thousand members across the globe coming and uniting together for the mere purpose of sharing anything and everything Lifehouse.

The site becomes an avenue for music buffs to spread the same goal as the band in introducing their musical flair and making a name in the industry. Having that similar objective of telling everyone “Who We Are” (borrowed from one of the band’s album title), fans become better individuals by stirring their emotions to improve, seizing an opportunity in pursuit of doing what they want, taking a deeper hold and understanding of reality, and learning what the most important things are. This is because Lifehouse is known for their upbeat and sometimes melancholic tunes, catchy melodies and singles, interesting guitar solos and memorable riffs, imaginative and evocative lyrics that are often meaningful that shoot straight to one’s soul and ear. In the end, you have people inculcating awareness, chasing after their dreams and being able to cope with life’s experiences as they identify themselves with the songs of the band.

This blog develops and progresses further into a special platform that encourages everyone to shout out their ideas, state their views, voice their opinion and express their utmost and unwavering support for both the group and the fans. It is bit by bit becoming a means to interact and a way to connect with each other. This is made possible through an exchange of valuable materials, content details and a network of information. Such things keep the site up and running, and are necessary in forming and expanding a solid fan base and increasing its audience reach – therefore making them vital to maintain the site’s growth and presence with the sheer resolve of bringing more people together.

As a brainchild of fellow music addicts, this can be considered as an open and available space to inspire and to be inspired. Keeping the balance of a scale between the band and the fans – on one side is Lifehouse that without doubt motivates the general public who listens to them with all the creativity and artistry infused in their tracks and on the other part of the spectrum are the people who impart passion and excitement. Considering the two, these aspects must go hand in hand in order to achieve greater heights and accomplish bigger things.

Please be advised that this is run by fans and is not in any way related with the band itself. Be engaged, live and breathe their music. The distinct and unparalleled sound will endear them to you and will help broaden your knowledge not only with the individual band members, but also with their songs altogether. Browsing through the pages is enough to keep you craving and wanting for more. So go ahead and feel free to navigate the site to know more about Lifehouse, which in the long run will make you recognize their style and appreciate their records, thus, taking you to the next level.