It is essential for electronic devices to have printed circuit boards, otherwise known as PCBs, because only through these boards can these devices function properly. Although the structure of these boards may seem to be complicated, the way it works is somewhat simple. The structure is complicated because interconnections between different electric components are involved, while the way it works is simple because all that the signals and the power have to do is to follow the copper tracks printed therein. However, as simple as it may look, the way these boards function and the processes involved to realize this function remain as complicated as the structure itself, because when someone who has no knowledge of printed circuit boards deals with the latter without exercising due care, the once called life-giver of electrical devices can be called the executioner of mankind.

Printed circuit boards function just like the circulatory system of the human body, but considering that these boards are newer than the system used in the past, they appear to be simpler. A single board is usually made of a non-conductive material, designed to protect people from electric current. It holds an electronic circuit together, and this circuit is made up of different electric components such as transistors, diodes, resistors, and integrated circuits.

printed circuit boards

The board is drilled and these components are mounted on the board through the holes created.

Printed copper tracks, also known as copper traces, serve as the arteries and veins of the electronic device, and this feature replaces wire wrapping, or the use of wires in establishing connections between and among electric components. The number of traces connected to an electric component depends on the number of connections the latter needs. To summarize, the electric components perform the function of the electronic device, and the copper traces provide the electric current needed for these components to work.

When an electric current starts to flow into the device, it travels from the source to the device, and then to the components. These components will not work without electricity, and this is where printed circuit boards play a very crucial part in the life of an electronic device. These boards are where the components are attached, and through the help of printed copper traces, the electric current is transported to these components, making them perform their work. From this, it becomes clear that these copper-traced boards are indeed the life-giver of electronic devices.

printed circuit board

These boards also involve the principles on circuits

Where a switch is involved, electric current may or may not flow depending on whether or not that switch is on or off. However, most electronic devices operate using a simple circuit, because there is no complexity of connections involved here, unlike in the case of appliances and bigger electronic devices which involve more complicated connections. Also, the number of components may differ from one device to another since these boards may have layers as few as one in some devices and as many as ten in others.

Printed circuit boards have copper traces which give life through the patterns created on them, similar to the veins and arteries that transport blood through the circulatory system. The comfort which is given by these electronic devices is brought by these patterns embedded in boards. It does not matter whether or not a common person can understand the principles involved in how these boards work; what matters is that the fact that PCBs are indispensable in every electronic device.

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It seems an easy enough choice for the uninitiated. There is nothing easier than simply visiting a sports merchandise store and just going for the first bag of golf balls you see—except real golf players don’t do this. You might do this for mini-golf, but this won’t be the correct way to choose real golf balls for serious playing.

Why is it so necessary? What is with those balls that make choosing them less simple than it appears?

Golf Balls First and foremost, golf balls are not created equal there are variations not only across brands, but also across different designs. The different features of differently designed balls will invariably lead to correspondingly variant pros and cons. For instance, some balls might have more spin and less distance, while others might have more distance but less spin. The point being: these specific trade-offs are dependent on the ball itself. Its inherent qualities dictate how it would affect your game. If you just grab that bag of golf balls without even thinking it through, you might get the wrong variant and thus, victory becomes impossible to achieve.

This leads to the next reason:

your choice of golf ball should be dependent on your specific playing style. You have to take into account your weaknesses and strengths as a player. You should also note areas which need improvement. That way, you can find a ball which helps you develop your game as a golfer. This is necessary because the ultimate goal of the sport is not just to win individual games. Your goal should be to constantly improve yourself as a golfer. Choosing the right golf ball will help you achieve this.

Also, taking your time to properly choose a golf ball from, will help you turn into a real sportsman. When you see them on television, you might be tempted to think of these sportsmen as doing only what they want because they are the best in the game anyway. For instance, you can look at LeBron James playing basketball and you might think he does what he does to great effect because he is a great player to start with.

This is an incorrect view –

Golf-ballsThe line of causation runs the opposite way. He does what he does, and that is what makes him one of the greatest. His moves and shots are not spur-of-the-moment choices. These are methodical, calculated, and practiced. That is the mark of a great sportsman—he does nothing unnecessary, and there is always a reason for everything he does on the field.

Taking your time to properly choose a golf ball will help you think like a real, great sportsman. You can also incorporate this way of thinking into other aspects of the game, as well as in other sports. It’d even be better if you try to incorporate that mindset into your daily life.

Also, choosing a specific type of golf ball for your needs will help you make better choices in the sport and even in life, because you can transfer the skills you acquired through thorough decision-making. Remember that no single ball can do all the work for you. Trade-offs were mentioned, and you would have to deal with these by identifying which feature you need most, and which feature you can compensate for with your playing style. You will be able to start analyzing things in terms of costs and benefits. You would be able to develop your decision making-skills, especially when the choices seem to be both attractive or both undesirable—these two are among the toughest decisions you would have to make, both in sports and in life.

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